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Mamu has been performed by Umphrey's McGee 93 times. It was last played 2015-05-01, which was 703 shows ago.

Every Time Played by Umphrey's McGee

Date Played Venue Show Gap SetSong Before Song After Footnote
1999-04-28 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN902Der Bluten KatHelp On the Waydebut, original
1999-05-01 Seitz Park, South Bend, IN22Fool in the RainAugust
1999-05-11 South Bend Brewery, South Bend, IN21All In TimeBob
1999-05-12 713 Notre Dame Avenue, South Bend, IN12CrossroadsSweet Child o' Mine
1999-05-19 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN21SlackerAll In Time
1999-05-20 Elbo Room, Chicago, IL11AvenueFront Porch
1999-05-23 Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL31All In TimeSlacker
1999-05-27 Ripley's Alive, Cincinnati, OH122x2 ***
1999-06-06 South Bend Brewery, South Bend, IN32Front PorchJessica
1999-06-12 American Legion Hall, South Bend, IN21Front PorchInfernal Dance of All Kastchei's Subjects
1999-06-17 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN12Drums ***
1999-06-19 Ozzies, The Balcony, Oxford, OH21***Muff II: The Revenge
1999-06-24 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN12Der Bluten KatFreedom! '90
1999-06-29 Calumet Arts Cafe, Buffalo, NY22Fool in the Rain > Fool in the Rain
1999-06-30 Harper's Ferry, Allston, MA11Down UnderMaple Leaf Rag
1999-07-04 Les Conneries, Montreal, QC11Fool in the Rain > Fool in the Rain
1999-07-06 Battery Park, Burlington, VT11Patience ***
1999-07-09 LaLuna, Hamilton, ON11***G-Song
1999-07-17 Elbo Room, Chicago, IL41Der Bluten KatJessica
1999-07-18 Venetian Festival, St. Joseph, MI11FF ***
1999-07-24 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN21***Slacker
1999-07-25 Dead Creek Campground, Noblesville, IN12All In TimeLively Up Yourself
1999-08-20 Martyrs', Chicago, IL11*** > 2x2
1999-08-27 Benchwarmers, South Bend, IN32All Night Long2x2
1999-09-04 Mickey's Pub, South Bend, IN2e*** ***
1999-10-01 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN41SlackerRaymond
1999-10-16 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN122x2Front Porch
1999-10-20 Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY222x2All Things Ninja
1999-10-22 Pittsburgh Deli Company, Pittsburgh, PA11Phil's FarmHey Nineteen
1999-10-23 Calumet Arts Cafe, Buffalo, NY11Red BaronJose
1999-10-30 Martyrs', Chicago, IL21Jose > Raymond
1999-12-04 Brother Jimmy's, Chicago, IL22Ask Me No QuestionsI Want You Back
1999-12-17 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN31Muff II: The Revenge > Raymond
2000-01-22 Madison Oyster Bar, South Bend, IN2e*** ***
2000-01-28 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN11Fool in the RainJosewith John Wiseman on tenor saxophone and Rich Cohen on alto saxophone
2000-02-25 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN41I Want You BackPhil's Farm
2000-03-25 Jimmy Seaside, Stamford, CT41***Much Obliged
2000-03-31 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN11SlackerEqual Rights
2000-04-22 The Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL41***Sociable Jimmy
2000-05-12 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI31SlackerThin Air
2000-05-27 Jamboree Campground, Black River Falls, WI31In the Hall of the Mountain KingAndy's Last Beer
2000-06-09 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN11***Phil's Farm
2000-06-10 Martyrs', Chicago, IL11Der Bluten Kat > All In Time
2000-06-16 The Southgate House, Newport, KY31***2nd Self
2000-06-30 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL41Example 1Muff II: The Revenge
2000-07-08 Bell's Brewery, Kalamazoo, MI21Sociable JimmyKinky Reggae
2000-07-22 The Patio, Indianapolis, IN31*** > All In Time
2000-07-28 The Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL21Jesus Is Just AlrightDivisions
2000-08-24 Brother Jimmy's, Chicago, IL82Jive Talkin'Andy's Last Beer
2000-08-26 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN31*** > FF
2000-08-30 The Roost, Dennison University, Granville, OH11Q*BertFront Porch
2000-09-08 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN32Front PorchDebrawith three piece horn section
2000-09-14 The Cubby Bear, Chicago, IL22Cantaloupe IslandIt's About That Timewith Josh Quinlan on alto saxophone
2000-10-06 Park West, Chicago, IL72Fool in the Rain > In a Silent Waywith Josh Quinlan on alto saxophone
2000-10-18 Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI51Example 1Sociable Jimmy
2000-10-31 Martyrs', Chicago, IL51Sociable JimmyRegulatewith 10th Grade intro
2000-11-10 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN31***40's Theme
2000-12-02 The State Theatre, South Bend, IN91Walking On The Moon > Raymond
2000-12-09 Joe's, Chicago, IL32DebraWaterwith Josh Quinlan on alto saxophone and Nate Walcott on trumpet
2000-12-16 Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI31*** > Out Of Order
2001-02-03 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL61Front Porch > Space Funk Booty
2001-02-15 The Iron Horse, Northampton, MA4e*** ***
2001-02-27 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN82FlyingThe Fuzz
2001-03-22 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN71Syncopated Strangers2x2
2001-04-27 The Terrace, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI162The Fussy Dutchman > Walking On The Moon
2001-05-03 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN31Intro2x2
2001-05-20 Mayfest, Chicago, IL61Der Bluten KatAll In Time
2001-06-02 Schubas Tavern, Chicago, IL61Andy's Last BeerWater
2001-06-16 The Ritz, Missoula, MT71***2nd Self
2001-06-26 The Avimore Arms Pub, Bend, OR51Fool in the Rain > Fool in the Rain
2001-07-03 Tongue-N-Groove, San Francisco, CA52Andy's Last BeerWater
2001-07-11 Legends Lounge, Las Vegas, NV61Much ObligedProwler
2001-08-18 Club Soda, Kalamazoo, MI111Miss Gradenko2x2
2001-08-27 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN32RouletteNo Ordinary Love
2001-09-17 The Pontiac, Philadelphia, PA132Baby You're A Rich ManUtopian Fir
2001-10-05 The Duck Inn, Evansville, IN72Out Of OrderHurt Bird Bath
2001-10-19 Shaw's Oyster Fest, Chicago, IL61Hurt Bird BathSyncopated Strangers
2001-10-26 Metro, Chicago, IL5140's ThemeHurt Bird Bath
2001-12-05 The Union Bar, Iowa City, IA92White Man's MoccasinsHurt Bird Bath
2001-12-14 The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN72Waiting Room > Drums
2002-02-07 The Vogue Theatre, Indianapolis, IN121When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still AroundWaiting Room
2002-02-19 The Iota, Arlington, VA62Utopian FirAll In Time
2002-03-20 Bluegrass Brewing Company, Louisville, KY222Down Under ***
2002-04-02 Green Room, Iowa City, IA41Nothing Too FancyAugust
2002-04-14 Mt. Shasta Ski Park, Mt. Shasta, CA101***Andy's Last Beer
2002-04-21 The Tractor Tavern, Seattle, WA52Miss GradenkoPush the Pigbegan with Unskinny Bop (Poison) tease
2002-04-26 The Barrymore Theatre, Madison, WI32Syncopated StrangersLast Man Swerving
2002-06-02 Belmont-Sheffield Festival, Chicago, IL131The Girl Is MineHurt Bird Bath
2002-08-27 Beachland Ballroom, Cleveland, OH381Roulette > Out Of Order
2002-12-14 Mississippi Nights, St. Louis, MO462Home Sweet HomeHurt Bird Bath
2008-11-14 The Eagles Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI7932Syncopated StrangersSyncopated Strangers
2012-05-26 Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL4081Booth LoveWizard Burial Ground
2015-05-01 Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV3164Hindsight"Get Weird" JOwith Jake replacing Kris on drums

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