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12.30.2002 The Vic Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA

Set 1: Intro > Roulette > Tribute to the Spinal Shaft -> 13 Days > Utopian Fir[1] > Front Porch -> Resolution -> Front Porch[2], Cherub Rock[3]

Set 2: Syncopated Strangers, In The Kitchen[4] > YYZ, Uncommon, Kabump -> 2x2 > In Violation of Yes, All In Time

Encore: Pay the Snucka > Andy's Last Beer[5]

[1] with Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns) and Big Heart teases
[2] with Al Schnier on guitar and Jim Loughlin on percussion; with Push the Pig tease; ended with Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd) jam
[3] debut, The Smashing Pumpkins; only Jake, Brendan, Ryan, and Mike
[4] with Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) tease
[5] with Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) tease

Reviews: 2 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by mittens, posted 18 October 2012 12:48 pm EDT

This show is phenomenal. It's as good as anything they have ever played. There was a special vibe during the Mirro era and I think a lot of people like myself left the VIC that night wondering if we could talk Mirro out of leaving.

Review by djbigz66, posted 17 October 2012 11:00 pm EDT

this was one of my first umphreys concerts ever
cherub rock was pretty fantastic.
YYZ was too... memories lol

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