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03.20.2003 The Rave Underground, Milwaukee, WI, USA

Set 1: FF -> White Man's Moccasins, August > The Crooked One > Thin Air, Uncommon, Lenny[1], Water, It's About That Time[2]

Set 2: Sociable Jimmy, Soul Food I > Bass solo > Drums[3] > "Jimmy Stewart"[4], The Triple Wide > 2x2, Last Man Swerving, Kabump > Utopian Fir[5]

Encore: Bad Poker[6], Get In The Van

[1] with Chris Vos on lap steel guitar and vocals
[2] with Muff II: The Revenge, Get In The Van, Tribute to the Spinal Shaft, Ringo, and Bob teases
[3] with everyone on percussion
[4] rotation jam (mostly Brendan and Andy on keys, Joel on Jake's guitar, Ryan on percussion, Kris on moog, Jake on drums; then Brendan on bass, Kris on keys)
[5] ending only; with brief tease of the intro to Get In the Van
[6] only Jake; previously referred to as "new Jake song"

with Victory March (Shea Brothers) tease after Last Man Swerving

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