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10.04.2006 Toad's Place, New Haven, CT, USA

Set 1: Nothing Too Fancy > Walletsworth, Get In The Van, Resolution > The Fuzz, Morning Song

Set 2: Nemo, Andy's Last Beer, Visions[1] > Nothing Too Fancy, The Bottom Half, Phil's Farm > A Fifth of Beethoven, Phil's Farm

Encore: Hangover

[1] with Jake and Ryan on keys with Joel; with Brendan on percussion

Purchase via UMLive: 10.04.2006, Toad's Place, New Haven, CT
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Fan Reviews

Review by cMags, posted 22 September 2013 1:28 pm EDT

After the two night Burlington run, I had three days to go back to school and relax. This was my second Toad's Place show in 2006 and I did the exact same thing as before. Took the Bonanza bus down to my buddy's dorm in New London, and drank pre-show.

This show starts off with a 20 min unfinished N2F, which is basically unheard of nowadays. After the composed part, the jam morphs into a percussion laced jam. Lot of Kris and Andy going on. It ends up going into kind of a spacey-untz jam, but nothing special. Even though this version is long, it's not mind blowing.

There is a nice -> into a standard Walletsworth. Get in the Van is next with some nice banter after the intro. This Van actually features about 2 minutes of improv in the middle. Didn't even realize this until listening to it again.

Resolution featured two decent jams with a great drop into the Rock Fuzz.

The Visions > N2F reprise is 25 minutes of spacy sonic bliss. If you want to listen to this show, listen to that segment.

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