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12.31.2009 Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL, USA

Set 1: Cemetery Walk > The Triple Wide, Divisions, Red Tape[1], Headphones & Snowcones[2], Mulche's Odyssey

Set 2: Catshot[3], Hajimemashite, Ringo[1], The Skunk, The Goose, and The Fly[1], Bridgeless > Ocean Billy, Move Your Rug[4], Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out[5] > Bridgeless

Set 3: Much Obliged[6] > Auld Lang Syne[1], Hurt Bird Bath, Gulf Stream, Phil's Farm, Turn & Dub[7], Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You[8], Cemetery Walk II

Encore: 1348, Reelin' in the Years[9]

[1] with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns
[2] with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns; with Mike Mirro on Marimba and Jake on percussion
[3] ended with band on electronics and drum pads at front of house
[4] debut, Jeff Coffin; with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns
[5] debut, Bruce Springsteen; with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns
[6] with Soul Food II teases; with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns
[7] debut, original (re-mix by Michael G of Easy Star All Stars); with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns
[8] debut, Frankie Valli; with Jake on bass
[9] debut, Steely Dan; with Mad Dog's Filthy Little Secret horns

last Headphones & Snowcones 10.04.2002 (955 shows)
last The Skunk, The Goose, and The Fly 12.31.2001 (1,084 shows)

Support: Prefuse 73
Purchase via UMLive: 12.31.2009, Aragon Ballroom, Chicago, IL
Reviews: 2 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by umphalex, posted 20 February 2013 1:35 pm EST

For some reason this NYE show always stick out in my mind as one of the most memorable nights of mine...This was my second NYE show and it delivered on all fronts.

The first set is a real treat with Cemetery Walk 1 getting ppl in the mood early for a rager, which was followed by a short but great triple wide.

This was my first headphones and snowcones which is always welcomed and should be played more! The whole second set is gold, and the tower of power cover takes the cake! Kris Myers is truly amazing, vocals and drums.

Set 3 contains alot of good jamming, starting with the much obliged that gets super funky to bring in the new year. Phils farm still may be my favorite version, good bass wapping fun...

Of course turn and dub is always welcomed, but I'll never forget stasik in his shiny pink shirt singing cant take my eyes off of you! Hilarious!!!

Reelin in the years was jsut ppl having fun and enjoying being at somehting as special as an UM NYE!

Review by mommacass, posted 18 October 2012 11:50 am EDT

one of my most memorable um moments is this show! It was my first new years with the band! Haven't missed one since....this is where I found my family

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