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08.10.2012 Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT, USA

Set 1: Depth Charge > Padgett's Profile, Nemo > Atmosfarag > Nemo, Crucial Taunt, Hurt Bird Bath, Thin Air, The Floor

Set 2: Bridgeless, Day Nurse, Rocker Part 2[1], Women Wine and Song > I Ran, Sociable Jimmy > Bridgeless

Encore: Pay the Snucka

[1] with introduction mash-up of Don't Stand So Close to Me (The Police) and Head Over Heels (Tears for Fears)

Purchase via UMLive: 08.10.2012, Higher Ground, South Burlington, VT
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Fan Reviews

Review by Rjr2277, posted 11 November 2012 3:26 pm EST

awesome show,great comedy from the band. brendan mentioned after padgetts that stasik triple dog dared him to talk like a cowboy all night,and there were times when i thought he would slip but he was blazin saddles for the whole show. there were some jokes about there being a lack of "senoritas" at this show. best part for me was running into 3 of my best friends from junior high back in mass, only at an umphreys show

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