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12.07.2013 Brendan and Jake, Park West, Chicago, IL, USA

One Set: Soul Food I > Puppet String, Dim Sun > The Pequod, Passing, Uncommon > Puppet String, Bad Poker, Cut the Cable, Wish You Were Here, Great American[1] > Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town[2] > Great American[1] > No Comment[1] > Great American[1], Christmas Song[3], Gulf Stream[4], On Your Way Down[5], Hajimemashite[6], Hangover[7], Crazy Fingers[4], Front Porch[7]

Encore: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town[8], Black Sabbath[9], Breaking The Girl[10], No Diablo[4]

[1] with Brendan on mandolin
[2] Pearl Jam; with Brendan on mandolin
[3] Dave Matthews Band; only Brendan, on piano
[4] with Brendan on piano and Kris on drums
[5] Allen Toussaint; with Brendan on piano and Kris on drums
[6] with Kris on drums
[7] with Jake on bass and Kris on drums
[8] Coots/Gillespie; with Jake on drums and Kris on vocals
[9] with alternate "Santa" lyrics; with Brendan on bass and Kris on drums
[10] Red Hot Chili Peppers; with Jake on bass and Kris on drums

Brendan and Jake's 11th Annual Acoustic Holiday Show, with proceeds benefitting The People's Music School

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