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Songs > Lively Up Yourself

Lively Up Yourself was originally performed by Bob Marley
It has been performed live by Umphrey's McGee 48 time(s).
It was last performed 1349 show(s) ago.
Average performance gap: 39.75
Date Played VenueShow Gap Artist
2003-05-22 The Vogue Theatre Indianapolis IN49Umphrey's McGee
2003-02-06 Variety Playhouse Atlanta GA142Umphrey's McGee
2002-03-03 The Agusta Levee Festival Augusta GA45Umphrey's McGee
2001-10-26 Metro Chicago IL24Umphrey's McGee
2001-09-08 Pittsburgh Renaissance Hotel Pittsburgh PA53Umphrey's McGee
2001-05-11 Club Soda Kalamazoo MI22Umphrey's McGee
2001-03-22 The Vogue Theatre Indianapolis IN56Umphrey's McGee
2000-09-29 The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington IN7Umphrey's McGee
2000-09-07 Otto's DeKalb IL33Umphrey's McGee
2000-05-18 Brother Jimmy's Chicago IL13Umphrey's McGee
2000-02-25 The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington IN4Umphrey's McGee
2000-01-28 The State Theatre South Bend IN2Umphrey's McGee
1999-12-18 Magoo's Underground Lounge Chicago IL3Umphrey's McGee
1999-12-10 The Patio Indianapolis IN3Umphrey's McGee
1999-10-30 Martyrs' Chicago IL2Umphrey's McGee
1999-10-23 Calumet Arts Cafe Buffalo NY5Umphrey's McGee
1999-10-01 Madison Oyster Bar South Bend IN6Umphrey's McGee
1999-08-27 Benchwarmers South Bend IN4Umphrey's McGee
1999-07-25 Dead Creek Campground Noblesville IN2Umphrey's McGee
1999-07-19 The Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington IN3Umphrey's McGee
1999-07-16 Czar's 505 St. Joseph MI2Umphrey's McGee
1999-07-10 Broadway Joe's Buffalo NY3Umphrey's McGee
1999-07-04 Les Conneries Montreal QC8Umphrey's McGee
1999-06-12 American Legion Hall South Bend IN3Umphrey's McGee
1999-06-05 Quick's Backwoods South Bend IN1Umphrey's McGee
1999-05-29 Martyrs' Chicago IL5Umphrey's McGee
1999-05-20 Elbo Room Chicago IL1Umphrey's McGee
1999-05-19 Madison Oyster Bar South Bend IN1Umphrey's McGee
1999-05-15 Quick's Backwoods South Bend IN4Umphrey's McGee
1999-05-01 Seitz Park South Bend IN2Umphrey's McGee
1999-04-28 Madison Oyster Bar South Bend IN1Umphrey's McGee
1999-04-23 Czar's 505 St. Joseph MI2Umphrey's McGee
1999-04-17 Martyrs' Chicago IL1Umphrey's McGee
1999-04-16 Cheers South Bend IN16Umphrey's McGee
1999-02-06 Ripley's Alive Cincinnati OH6Umphrey's McGee
1999-01-22 Czar's 505 St. Joseph MI1Umphrey's McGee
1999-01-21 Mickey's Pub South Bend IN4Umphrey's McGee
1998-12-11 Martyrs' Chicago IL4Umphrey's McGee
1998-11-14 Madison Oyster Bar South Bend IN2Umphrey's McGee
1998-11-04 The Landing South Bend IN2Umphrey's McGee
1998-10-29 Finnigan's South Bend IN4Umphrey's McGee
1998-10-09 The Berkley Front Berkley MI2Umphrey's McGee
1998-10-01 The VIP Room South Bend IN1Umphrey's McGee
1998-09-25 Benchwarmers South Bend IN1Umphrey's McGee
1998-09-19 Alvard Theater Ashland WI1Umphrey's McGee
1998-09-18 Northside Concert Hall, IUSB South Bend IN1Umphrey's McGee
1998-09-17 Czar's 505 St. Joseph MI2Umphrey's McGee
1998-09-11 Rock Bottom Brewery Milwaukee WI39Umphrey's McGee

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