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There were always questions
About where you been, with whom you went
I never knew
I was only guessing about what I'd seen
I didn't mean no harm
But you were willing and were able
I never heard so I can't be sure
But there was too much on my table
To stop in to eat
I took my seat to long

There’s not a thing worth remembering
When tomorrow could bring someone new
Get used to the thought
You can't be what you're not
Life has already got plans for you

I admit I just assumed
That you'd come around, forget what you found
I tried not to be rude, you know how i am
I tend to bitch and moan it’s true
There’s a loan out on opinions
Who would collect
Is ultraflect to bright to see (?)
It'd be nice if you could give them
You got some to spare, I’ve been told it’s nice to share

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