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All "Jimmy Stewarts" Seen (18 songs)

Show Date Song Notes
2017-02-19 Cut Off
2016-07-03 Hindsight
2016-07-03 August "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics; unfinished
2015-04-11 Much Obliged "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2015-04-10 The Floor
2014-05-24 Robot World "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2014-04-10 The Bottom Half "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2013-05-16 The Floor
2011-02-11 Conduit "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2011-02-11 Bright Lights, Big City
2009-03-06 London Calling with Slacker tease
2008-08-01 Got Your Milk (Right Here) with Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) jam
2008-07-27 Intentions Clear
2008-07-27 Phil's Farm with Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2008-07-27 Passing with In a Silent Way (Miles Davis) teases