Statistics for shows where "Professor Wormbog" was played

All "Jimmy Stewarts" Seen (287 songs)

Show Date Song Notes
2017-01-27 Chapter 20 "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2015-04-23 Spires "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics; with Kula tease
2015-02-13 Smell the Mitten
2015-02-13 Comma Later
2014-10-17 Similar Skin
2014-08-16 Professor Wormbog
2014-04-10 The Bottom Half "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2014-02-06 Mantis "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2014-02-06 Miss Tinkle's Overture "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2013-10-26 Professor Wormbog "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2013-04-18 No Comment
2013-04-18 Another Brick in the Wall
2013-03-14 The Linear
2013-03-14 Utopian Fir
2013-01-30 Puppet String
2013-01-18 The Linear
2013-01-18 Puppet String with Der Bluten Kat jam
2012-12-28 Slacker
2012-12-28 Puppet String
2012-12-28 Phil's Farm with Comma Later and Puppet String teases
2012-12-28 Miami Virtue
2012-03-25 JaJunk
2012-02-09 Spires
2012-02-09 Professor Wormbog with Another Brick In the Wall (Pink Floyd) tease
2012-02-09 Voyager
2011-09-10 Der Bluten Kat "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics and Golden Years (David Bowie) teases
2011-07-03 Red Tape
2011-02-12 FF with The Floor teases
2011-01-31 Cemetery Walk
2011-01-31 Got Your Milk (Right Here) with Percy Jones on bass
2010-03-12 Making Flippy Floppy with Can't You Hear Me Knocking (The Rolling Stones) jam
2010-02-04 Nemo "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2010-02-04 Made to Measure "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2010-01-14 Made to Measure with Brendan and Jake on keys
2010-01-14 2x2 with lightning power outage; with Jake on keys
2009-11-17 #5
2009-10-03 The Crooked One "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2009-10-03 Eminence Front
2009-09-16 Professor Wormbog
2009-09-06 Making Flippy Floppy with Entrance of the Gladiators (Julius Fučík) teases
2009-02-14 Syncopated Strangers
2008-12-11 Higgins with Nothing Too Fancy jam
2008-12-11 Making Flippy Floppy
2008-10-28 Plunger "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2008-09-11 Got Your Milk (Right Here)
2008-07-11 Professor Wormbog
2008-07-11 Intentions Clear with La Grange (ZZ Top) jam
2008-02-28 Uncle Wally
2008-02-28 Last Man Swerving ended with a "keyboard duel" between Kris and Andy on house piano and organ, Jake on additional keys
2007-12-16 JaJunk with Keller Williams on guitar and vocals
2007-11-15 Nemo
2007-09-15 Great American with Brendan and Jake on acoustics; "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2007-07-13 The Bottom Half
2007-06-08 Plunger began with In the Kitchen tease
2007-05-03 Last Man Swerving with Hangover tease and Voodoo Chile (Jimi Hendrix) jam
2007-05-03 Alex's House
2007-04-11 Syncopated Strangers
2007-04-11 Intentions Clear
2007-04-11 Uncle Wally
2007-02-28 Professor Wormbog
2007-02-28 Ringo with full-band switch with Perpetual Groove; Speed Queen jam
2007-01-04 Resolution with Ivan Neville on keys; with Norwegan Wood (The Beatles) tease
2007-01-04 Dump City
2006-11-10 Anchor Drops with Breathe (Pink Floyd) and Women Wine and Song teases
2006-11-10 Hey Nineteen
2006-10-20 Higgins
2006-10-07 E.T.I.
2006-10-07 Plunger
2006-08-20 August "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2006-07-18 Liquid
2006-06-10 The Haunt
2006-05-30 Mulche's Odyssey
2006-05-30 Believe the Lie
2006-04-10 Mail Package with So What (Miles Davis) jams
2006-04-10 Morning Song
2006-03-15 Much Obliged ended with Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease
2006-03-15 Plunger
2006-03-11 Plunger
2006-02-24 Visions "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2006-02-14 Last Man Swerving with Seven Seas of Rhye (Queen) tease from Joel
2006-01-09 Plunger
2005-12-06 Uncle Wally
2005-12-06 Hey Nineteen
2005-12-06 Hurt Bird Bath
2005-11-09 The Crooked One
2005-11-09 Roulette
2005-10-27 Glory
2005-10-17 FF
2005-10-17 E.T.I. with Money (Pink Floyd) jam
2005-10-17 The Fuzz
2005-10-17 Divisions "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2005-09-10 Resolution with L.A. Woman (The Doors) teases
2005-09-10 Uncle Wally with Thunderstruck (AC/DC) and Smell the Mitten teases
2005-09-10 Kabump
2005-09-02 Women Wine and Song
2005-09-02 Kabump with Kahlil Smylie replacing Ryan on bass and Steve Krojniewski on percussion; with Pork Chop Pie (Ali Baba's Tahini) jam
2005-08-27 Plunger
2005-08-20 Visions
2005-07-08 Space Funk Booty with Michael Travis on percussion
2005-06-04 Bright Lights, Big City
2005-06-04 Sociable Jimmy with Peter Gunn Theme (Henry Mancini) tease and alternating teases of Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) and Cat Scratch Fever (Ted Nugent)
2005-05-05 Bridgeless
2005-05-05 Plunger "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2005-05-05 Blue Echo began with Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution (AC/DC) tease with quote from Jake
2005-05-05 Hajimemashite
2005-04-09 Bright Lights, Big City
2005-04-09 FF
2005-03-26 Roulette
2005-03-26 Sociable Jimmy
2005-02-25 Bright Lights, Big City
2005-02-25 Padgett's Profile
2005-02-25 Kabump ended with Get In The Van tease
2004-12-08 E.T.I. with Carol of the Bells (Mykola Leontovych) jam and 3rd Planet (Modest Mouse) tease
2004-12-08 Much Obliged
2004-11-13 JaJunk "Jimmy Stewart" with lyrics
2004-11-13 Robot World with on Brad Myers on guitar and Nick Blasky on bass during jam, replacing Brendan and Ryan respectively
2004-09-14 I Ran
2004-09-14 The Triple Wide
2004-09-07 Professor Wormbog
2004-08-07 Robot World debut, original; with Run Like Hell (Pink Floyd) quote
2004-08-07 Example 1
2004-07-20 Sweetness
2004-07-20 Utopian Fir
2004-06-04 Slacker with Siberian Khatru (Yes) jam
2004-06-04 The Haunt with Another Brick In the Wall Part 1 (Pink Floyd) and Norwegian Wood (The Beatles) jams
2004-05-20 Much Obliged
2004-04-14 The Fuzz
2004-04-14 The Girl Is Mine
2004-04-14 Front Porch with Bridgeless teases; ended with The Crooked One tease
2004-04-03 Kabump
2004-04-03 Nothing Too Fancy with Gimme Some Lovin' (The Spencer Davis Group) jam; Phil's Farm tease
2004-03-25 Divisions
2004-03-25 Utopian Fir
2004-03-22 Much Obliged
2004-03-22 Utopian Fir
2004-03-18 Blue Echo
2004-02-29 Ocean Billy
2004-02-29 Nothing Too Fancy
2004-02-29 Utopian Fir
2004-02-21 Much Obliged
2004-02-21 FF
2004-02-21 Blue Echo with Joshua Redman on saxophone; ended with Hot for Teacher (Van Halen) tease
2004-02-21 When the World Is Running Down You Make the Best of What's Still Around with Joshua Redman on saxophone and Ilya Stemkovsky on percussion; with Another Brick In the Wall (Pink Floyd) tease in the intro
2004-02-19 Mail Package
2004-02-19 Hurt Bird Bath with Nothing Too Fancy and Chameleon (Herbie Hancock) teases; with Joshua Redman on saxophones
2004-02-18 Resolution
2004-02-06 Much Obliged
2004-02-06 Blue Echo began with For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) (AC/DC) tease
2004-02-06 Last Man Swerving with Brendan on Rhodes, Jake making noises in the mic with his digital recorder, a drum section, and an ending vocal jam