Statistics for shows where "Space Funk Booty" was played

All Debuts Seen (86 songs)

Show Date Song Notes
2017-11-04 Sabotage debut, Beastie Boys; Brendan on bass, Jake on keys, Joel on guitar, Andy on drums, Kris on vocals, and Ryan on guitar
2015-12-31 Christmas In Hollis debut, Run-D.M.C.; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2015-12-31 Speak Up debut, original; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2015-12-31 Ignition debut, R. Kelly; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2015-12-31 Tempted debut, Squeeze; with Mad Dog and his Filthy Little Secret horns
2014-05-03 Gents debut, original
2014-05-03 Mad Love debut, original; with vocals
2014-05-03 Onward & Upward debut, original; with vocals
2014-05-03 Skin the Cat debut, original
2012-04-28 Two Dips debut, Brendan, Wade Wilby, and Clayton Halsey
2012-04-28 The Trooper debut, Iron Maiden
2012-04-28 The Good Times Are Killing Me debut, Modest Mouse
2012-04-28 La Grange debut, ZZ Top
2007-03-24 1000 Places to See Before You Die debut, original/Joel; with Brendan on percussion, Jake on organ, and Kevin Sinclair on saxophone
2007-03-06 Alex's House debut, original
2005-12-08 Christmas Time Is Here debut, Vince Guaraldi
2004-04-21 Norwegian Wood debut, The Beatles; instrumental
2004-03-23 Dee debut, Randy Rhoads; while Joel spoke, Jake played Dee
2003-12-30 Roses debut, Outkast; with Juice rapping
2003-11-22 E.T.I. debut, Blue Öyster Cult
2003-10-09 Kashmir debut, Led Zeppelin
2003-09-10 Cocaine debut, J.J.Cale; first verse only,
2003-06-08 Bubbles debut, Herbie Hancock
2003-05-15 #5 debut, original
2003-04-18 Licking Stick debut, James Brown
2003-04-09 Runnin' with the Devil debut, Van Halen; one verse, with Kris on vocals
2003-02-14 Easy debut, The Commodores; instrumental; jam only
2003-02-14 Rising Bird debut, original
2002-08-29 13 Days debut, original; "Dolls Coke Elvis"
2002-08-21 Uncommon debut, original
2002-07-22 Roxanne debut, The Police; one verse
2002-07-19 Family Feud theme debut, Edd Kalehoff
2002-07-10 Release debut, Pearl Jam
2002-07-10 Bad Poker debut, original; Jake alone on stage
2002-07-04 Mondo Garaj debut, Garaj Mahal; with Garaj Mahal, Andy and Jake on percussion, Steve Molitz on keys, and Joel on keys for the first half of the song
2002-07-04 Junct debut, Garaj Mahal; with Garaj Mahal, and Andy and Jake on percussion; Jake, Andy, Joel, and Mike played percussion until Garaj Mahal slowly filtered off stage; ended with The Same Thing and Cocaine (J.J. Cale) teases
2002-06-13 Shhh / Peaceful debut, Miles Davis
2002-05-17 Glory debut, original; acoustic
2002-04-19 One debut, Metallica; one verse
2002-02-08 Last Call debut, original
2002-02-08 Walletsworth debut, original
2002-02-05 St. Hubbins Mach 2 debut, original; Joel played solo over multiple loops and left the stage as the loops continued
2002-01-24 The Haunt debut, original
2001-12-01 Waiting Room debut, Fugazi
2001-12-01 War Pigs debut, Black Sabbath; first verse only
2001-11-16 Kielbasa debut, Tenacious D; with Nick Blasky on vocals
2001-11-16 Dio debut, Tenacious D
2001-10-31 (Don't Fear) The Reaper debut, Blue Öyster Cult
2001-10-31 Stonehenge debut, Spinal Tap; complete with dancing elves and mini-Stonehenge model; ended in a "beatbox breakdown"
2001-10-26 Weed Rap debut, original; with Elliott Peck on vocals
2001-10-26 Xxplosive debut, Dr. Dre; with Elliott Peck on vocals
2001-10-11 Willie the Pimp debut, Frank Zappa
2001-10-05 Ringo debut, original (Ali Baba's Tahini composition)
2001-10-04 Hurt Bird Bath debut, original
2001-07-03 Mediterranean Sundance debut, Al DiMeola; acoustic
2001-05-31 Señor Mouse debut, Chick Corea
2001-05-31 White Man's Moccasins debut in full, original; with Brent "The Scratch Docta" Hoffman on turntables
2001-05-26 Sister Christian debut, Night Ranger; with Chris Castino on vocals
2001-05-11 I Am the Walrus debut, The Beatles
2001-04-19 Rastaman Chant debut, Bob Marley; with Bob tease
2001-04-19 Born Under a Bad Sign debut, William Bell/Booker T. Jones; with Sugar Blue on harmonica and vocals
2001-04-19 The Emperor debut, Donald Byrd; with Topaz on saxophone and Squantch on trombone
2001-04-13 Rainbow Country debut, Bob Marley; with Elliott Peck on additional vocals
2001-03-17 Black Water debut, The Doobie Brothers; Jake and Brendan on acoustics
2001-03-17 Last Man Swerving debut, original; with Josh Quinlan on alto saxophone and Nate Walcott on trumpet
2001-03-03 Thank You debut, Dido
2001-03-02 Sweetness ended with Last Man Swerving jam (song would not debut until 03.17.2001)
2001-02-08 Front Port debut, original; Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2001-02-08 Bron-Yr-Aur debut, Led Zeppelin; just Brendan and Jake, on acoustics
2001-02-08 Can't Find My Way Home debut, Blind Faith; Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2001-02-08 Uncle Wally debut, original; Brendan and Jake on acoustics
2001-02-01 Anchor Drops debut, original
2001-02-01 B. Onion debut, original
2001-01-27 Mullet (Over) debut, original
2001-01-27 Tomorrow Never Knows debut, The Beatles
2000-12-31 Auld Lang Syne debut, Robert Burns; with Rich Cohen on saxophone and Also Sprach Zarathustra (Strauss) tease
2000-11-18 A Fifth of Beethoven debut, Walter Murphy
2000-11-17 Walking On The Moon debut, The Police
2000-10-31 Ain't No Fun (If the Homies Can't Have None) debut, Snoop Dogg
2000-10-28 Baby You're A Rich Man debut, The Beatles
2000-10-28 40's Theme debut, original (Ali Baba's Tahini composition)
2000-10-06 In a Silent Way debut, Miles Davis; with Josh Quinlan on alto saxophone
2000-09-29 She Came In Through The Bathroom Window debut, The Beatles
2000-09-15 Stonehenge debut, Spinal Tap
2000-09-14 It's About That Time debut, Miles Davis; with Josh Quinlan on alto saxophone
2000-09-07 Space Funk Booty debut, original (Ali Baba's Tahini composition)

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