Umphrey's McGee: July 6, 1999 – Battery Park, Burlington, VT, USA

One Set: Slacker[1] > You Can't Blame the Youth[2] > Front Porch[3], Phil's Farm[4] > 2x2, All Things Ninja, Down Under[5], Nachos for Two, All In Time, A Go Go, The Other Side of Things > Drums, Kimble, Hangover, FF-> Cissy Strut[6], Patience[7], Mamu

[1] with First Tube (Trey Anastasio) and Der Bluten Kat teases
[2] with Front Porch tease
[3] with Waterfalls (TLC)
[4] with First Tube and Imperial March (John Williams) teases
[5] with Billy Madison theme ending
[6] with Bathtub Gin (Phish) tease
[7] with Hey Jude (The Beatles) ending