Umphrey's McGee: October 26, 2001 – Metro, Chicago, IL, USA

Set 1: Intro > 40's Theme, Mamu, Hurt Bird Bath > Example 1 > Syncopated Strangers, Get In The Van, Lively Up Yourself, Blue Echo > Nothing Too Fancy

Set 2: Prowler > Ringo, Utopian Fir-> Andy's Last Beer[1] > Utopian Fir > Willie the Pimp[2] > Drums[3], Weed Rap[4] > Xxplosive[5] > Space Funk Booty, Roulette, Pay the Snucka, All Things Ninja

Encore: Señor Mouse > White Man's Moccasins

2nd Encore: All Night Long

[1] with Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) tease
[2] with It's About that Time (Miles Davis) teases
[3] Joel, Brendan, and Ryan leave stage
[4] debut, original; with Elliott Peck on vocals
[5] debut, Dr. Dre; with Elliott Peck on vocals