Umphrey's McGee: April 29, 2002 – The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN, USA

Set 1: Push the Pig[1], 2nd Self[2] > In Bloom[3] > Roulette, The Fussy Dutchman > Gesture Under a Mitten, Professor Wormbog, Phil's Farm, Band on the Run[4]

Set 2: Divisions > The Haunt[5] > The Triple Wide > Divisions, Fool in the Rain, Walletsworth[6], Kimble

Encore: Hurt Bird Bath

[1] jam only
[2] with Voices Inside My Head (The Police) tease
[3] debut, Nirvana; first verse only
[4] ended with Push the Pig jam
[5] with bass solo, Blackbird (The Beatles) tease, No Quarter (Led Zeppelin) jam, and It's About That Time (Miles Davis) and The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases; with instrument rotation
[6] began with Smoke On the Water (Deep Purple) tease