Umphrey's McGee: June 1, 2002 – Wright's Landing, Plymouth, IN, USA

Set 1: The Fussy Dutchman, Example 1 > The Haunt > Soul Food I > Water, Mullet (Over), All Night Long[1], Q*Bert[2], Hurt Bird Bath

Set 2: Dr. Feelgood > Syncopated Strangers, August[3] > Blue Echo, Ask Me No Questions, The Crooked One, FF, Last Man Swerving[4], Pay the Snucka[5], Last Call

Encore: The Song Remains the Same

[1] with Jake on timbales
[2] with Winkie Chant (Wizard of Oz) tease
[3] with Dear Prudence (The Beatles) teases
[4] with The Funeral March (Chopin) tease from Joel
[5] with Gary "Dope Rhymes" Stanfield rapping