Umphrey's McGee: December 5, 2003 – The Bluebird Nightclub, Bloomington, IN, USA

Set 1: Push the Pig, Kabump[1] > Pay the Snucka, XRT Xmas Promo Medley[2], Red Baron > Wife Soup, The Haunt[3] > Mail Package

Set 2: 2x2[4], Big Heart[5] > E.T.I. > Utopian Fir[6] > Orfeo > Slacker[7], Miss Tinkle's Overture > Hangover

Encore: Hurt Bird Bath

[1] with The Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases
[2] Jingle Bell Rock (punk style) > Deck the Halls (country style) > Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer (reggae style) > Carol of the Bells; this lasted for a minute or two only since each tune was abridged
[3] with Fletch theme (Harold Faltermeyer) and Spanish Caravan (The Doors) teases
[4] with "Zsa Zsa Gabor, Fifi" lyrics and Star Wars theme (John Williams) tease
[5] with Professor Wormbog tease
[6] with Glory tease
[7] with G-Song jam with Kevin Browning on guitar, Adam Budney on bass, Don Richards on keyboards, and Bob Ston on drums; introduced as the Miss Tinkle's Crew