Umphrey's McGee: July 8, 2003 – House of Glass, Dunsmuir, CA, USA

Set 1: Intro[1] > Der Bluten Kat[2] > Dump City, Divisions, Wife Soup

Set 2: Intro > Roulette, Birthday[3] > 13 Days[4], Jam[5]-> Resolution-> Red Baron > Big Heart[6], Jam[7], In The Kitchen

Encore: In Violation of Yes

2nd Encore: drum solo[8]

[1] with In da Club (50 Cent) quote
[2] with Dazed and Confused (Led Zeppelin) jams
[3] with Sunshine Superman (Donovan) teases
[4] with Out of Order tease
[5] with Happy Birthday (trad.), "avant garde"
[6] with Q*Bert teases
[7] with metal "Happy Birthday, Budney"
[8] just Kris