Umphrey's McGee: July 26, 2014 – Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park, Indianapolis, IN, USA

Set 2: Conduit >

Encore: All In Time Lenny > All In Time >

Set 2: Pay the Snucka Bright Lights, Big City > Hurt Bird Bath, Pay the Snucka[1] > Conduit, Yoga Pants >

Set 1: Le Blitz >

Set 2: The Linear-> 40's Theme[2], Kimble, Kinky Reggae > Booth Love[3], Miss Tinkle's Overture,

Set 1: Tribute to the Spinal Shaft Puppet String, Get In The Van,

[1] with Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) jam
[2] with Nicholas Gerlach on saxophone
[3] with Jake on keys