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The following 91 shows are on this list:
Show date Venue Location
2021-11-11The TrumanKansas City, MO, USA
2021-08-05Greenfield Lake AmphitheaterWilmington, NC, USA
2018-10-04The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2016-08-03The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2015-06-27The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2014-08-16The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2014-02-20The Riviera TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2013-08-21The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2012-08-30The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2011-07-02The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2011-02-12Liberty HallLawrence, KS, USA
2010-12-30The Riviera TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2009-07-17The Crossroads KCKansas City, MO, USA
2009-03-26Liberty HallLawrence, KS, USA
2007-10-04Liberty HallLawrence, KS, USA
2006-03-10The Chicago TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2004-06-06Belmont-Sheffield FestivalChicago, IL, USA
2004-03-12Park WestChicago, IL, USA
2003-12-30The Vic TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2003-12-29The Vic TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2003-08-16Durty Nellie'sPalatine, IL, USA
2003-06-18Durty Nellie'sPalatine, IL, USA
2003-05-15Stanley Hall, Field Museum of Natural HistoryChicago, IL, USA
2003-04-20Park WestChicago, IL, USA
2003-03-19Clearwater TheaterWest Dundee, IL, USA
2003-03-17The Bottom LoungeChicago, IL, USA
2003-02-23Goose Island BreweryChicago, IL, USA
2003-02-15MetroChicago, IL, USA
2002-12-31The Vic TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2002-12-30The Vic TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2002-10-27Monster BashChicago, IL, USA
2002-06-29Weed Street Summer FestChicago, IL, USA
2002-03-22House of BluesChicago, IL, USA
2002-02-02Park WestChicago, IL, USA
2001-12-31The Vic TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2001-11-30House of BluesChicago, IL, USA
2001-10-26MetroChicago, IL, USA
2001-08-16Field MuseumChicago, IL, USA
2001-07-19Skyline Stage - Navy PierChicago, IL, USA
2001-06-10Wells Street Arts FestChicago, IL, USA
2001-05-20MayfestChicago, IL, USA
2001-05-19ZBT House, Northwestern UniversityEvanston, IL, USA
2001-05-12Durty Nellie'sPalatine, IL, USA
2001-04-19House of BluesChicago, IL, USA
2001-03-17The Morris Performing Arts CenterSouth Bend, IN, USA
2001-03-03Park WestChicago, IL, USA
2001-03-01Cicero'sSt. Louis, MO, USA
2001-02-08The Peggy Notebaert Nature MuseumChicago, IL, USA
2001-01-27The Vic TheatreChicago, IL, USA
2000-12-31The Cubby BearChicago, IL, USA
2000-11-17The Cubby BearChicago, IL, USA
2000-10-31Martyrs'Chicago, IL, USA
2000-10-06Park WestChicago, IL, USA
2000-09-14The Cubby BearChicago, IL, USA
2000-09-01The State TheatreSouth Bend, IN, USA
2000-08-24Brother Jimmy'sChicago, IL, USA
2000-07-29BenchwarmersSouth Bend, IN, USA
2000-07-28The Cubby BearChicago, IL, USA
2000-07-21Martyrs'Chicago, IL, USA
2000-07-03Joe'sChicago, IL, USA
2000-06-25Randolph Street FestivalChicago, IL, USA
2000-05-18Brother Jimmy'sChicago, IL, USA
2000-05-12Bell's BreweryKalamazoo, MI, USA
2000-04-22The Cubby BearChicago, IL, USA
2000-04-14Martyrs'Chicago, IL, USA
2000-03-31The PatioIndianapolis, IN, USA
2000-02-19Brother Jimmy'sChicago, IL, USA
2000-01-29Martyrs'Chicago, IL, USA
2000-01-28The State TheatreSouth Bend, IN, USA
1999-12-18Magoo's Underground LoungeChicago, IL, USA
1999-12-04Brother Jimmy'sChicago, IL, USA
1999-10-30Martyrs'Chicago, IL, USA
1999-10-01Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1999-09-02GameworksSchaumburg, IL, USA
1999-08-20Martyrs'Chicago, IL, USA
1999-07-17Elbo RoomChicago, IL, USA
1999-07-06Battery ParkBurlington, VT, USA
1999-06-30Harper's FerryAllston, MA, USA
1999-03-27Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1999-02-27Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1999-02-13Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1999-02-12HeartlandSouth Bend, IN, USA
1998-12-18Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1998-10-28Clarke Memorial FountainNotre Dame, IN, USA
1998-10-10Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1998-08-29Mickey's PubSouth Bend, IN, USA
1998-08-27HeartlandSouth Bend, IN, USA
1998-05-02Madison Oyster BarSouth Bend, IN, USA
1998-04-22Clarke Memorial FountainNotre Dame, IN, USA
1998-04-17Riley HallNotre Dame, IN, USA
1998-01-21Bridget McGuire's Filling StationSouth Bend, IN, USA

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