Notable Jams

Show Date SongArtist Venue Name City StateNotes
2002-10-05RingoUmphrey's McGee Barrymore Theatre, The Madison WI
2003-03-28RingoUmphrey's McGee Gothic Theatre, The Englewood CO
2003-05-25RingoUmphrey's McGee Three Sisters Park Chillicothe IL
2003-09-27RingoUmphrey's McGee Hog Ridge Hollow Amphitheater Fayetteville AR
2004-05-18RingoUmphrey's McGee St. Andrews Hall Detroit MI
2004-10-09RingoUmphrey's McGee Rave Underground, The Milwaukee WI
2004-11-04RingoUmphrey's McGee Intersection, The Grand Rapids MI
2005-03-22RingoUmphrey's McGee Melkweg Amsterdam
2005-05-06RingoUmphrey's McGee Great American Music Hall San Francisco CA
2005-05-13RingoUmphrey's McGee Crystal Ballroom Portland OR
2005-05-27RingoUmphrey's McGee Three Sisters Park Chillicothe IL
2005-06-16RingoUmphrey's McGee Clinton State Park Lawrence KS
2005-09-30RingoUmphrey's McGee Pageant, The St. Louis MO
2005-11-10RingoUmphrey's McGee Rococo Theatre Lincoln NE
2006-04-09RingoUmphrey's McGee McNear's Mystic Theatre Petaluma CA
2006-07-20RingoUmphrey's McGee Rumsey Playfield - Central Park New York NY
2007-02-28RingoUmphrey's McGee Georgia Theatre Athens GA
2007-06-09RingoUmphrey's McGee Harmony Festival Santa Rosa CA
2010-10-01RingoUmphrey's McGee Depot, The Salt Lake City UT
2011-10-21RingoUmphrey's McGee House of Blues Cleveland OH
2011-11-05RingoUmphrey's McGee Eagles Ballroom, The Milwaukee WI
2021-05-08RingoUmphrey's McGee Westville Music Bowl New Haven CT

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