Reviews attached to July 9, 2010

elBerto October 19, 2012
Great day setter. My brother and I caught Jake and Pony standing next to us grooving to Femi Kuti earlier in the day. I told 'em to "play that funky Booth Lovin'" knowing it was one they had been polishing. The Miles Davis cover took me by surprise, very cool to hear. Divisions> I'm on Fire> Divisions was so nice.

The sweet little old lady mayor of Masontown introduced the band as a light rain broke the Mountaintop heat. I believe she flubbed on the name.

TalonMcgee December 28, 2012
There were technical difficulties for the first 20 seconds or so of booth love until the full sound system kicked in.

Highlights were the miles Davis cover and the divisions> I'm on fire > divisions

Pretty sure this was the second time I'm on fire was played and I was lucky enough to catch the first one in Cleveland.

No one seems to mention the ZZ Top jam in Made To Measure, Waitin on the Bus!
It fits so perfectly and I wish they'd do it again sometime

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