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12.06.2003 The Canopy Club, Urbana, IL, USA

Set 1: Mulche's Odyssey, #5, The Crooked One[1], Soul Food I > The Fussy Dutchman > Tomorrow Never Knows, XRT Xmas Promo Medley, Water[2]

Set 2: 2nd Self, Professor Wormbog, Phil's Farm > Glory > Phil's Farm, "Jimmy Stewart"[3] > Nothing Too Fancy[4] > Phil's Farm, Pork Chop Pie, 13 Days, Heart and Soul[5], White Man's Moccasins[6], Hysteria > In Violation of Yes[7]

Encore: Nothing Too Fancy > Ocean Billy > Nothing Too Fancy[8]

[1] with O Tannenbaum (trad.) teases
[2] with Ridin' the Storm Out (REO Speedwagon) ending
[3] with The Little Drummer Boy (Katherine Kennicott Davis) and Milestones (Miles Davis) teases
[4] middle section only
[5] with Jump (Van Halen) intro
[6] with Dazed and Confused tease and No Quarter tease and quote (both Led Zeppelin) in intro
[7] with Top Gun Anthem (Harold Faltermeyer) teases
[8] with Carol of the Bells (Mykola Leontovych) tease

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Review by McLSucks, posted 18 October 2012 9:16 pm EDT

Another one of those crazy Canopy nights...like the previous December, something must have been in the air and they busted out a unique one this evening.

The show opens with a 14 minute Mulche's, the first time it was ever given the treatment. There's not one but two worthwhile improvisational sections. I still wish that the song's improvisational future would have tailored more to this version.

Fussy > Tomorrow Never Knows is still the best segue in the UM repertoire...when that first crash of TNK hits...straight butter.

Gotta love the XRT Xmas Medley...debuted the night before and played once more this evening. punk jingle bells > country deck the halls > reggae grandma got run over by a reindeer > carol of the bells. another example of the humor, creativity and chops pervasive in UM. some pretty funny 'fuck yeah'-ing at the end, too.

A rather solid version of Water that sees jake and brendan slowly drifting away from the middle section into some great dissonant territory with Kris leading the charge behind them.

Phil's > Glory > Phil's > 14 min stew > middle section of N2F > Phil's...just listen to this one.

The rare Pork Chop Pie, 9 years later, is still a song I request over and over. Such a great carryover from the Ali Baba's Tahini oeuvre.

some silliness with Hysteria > In Violation of Yes.

then the 26 minute Nothing Too Fancy > Ocean Billy > Nothing Too Fancy encore is about as strong a finish as you can get.

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