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07.16.2005 "All Good Music Festival" Marvin's Mountaintop, Masontown, WV, USA

One Set: Push the Pig, Plunger, The Triple Wide[1] > Ocean Billy, Mullet (Over)[2], In the Flesh? > Another Brick in the Wall > Hangover, JaJunk[3], Blue Echo > Much Obliged > Partyin' Peeps

Encore: Waiting Room, 40's Theme

[1] with Jason Hann on percussion
[2] with Michael Kang on fiddle
[3] with Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns N' Roses) tease

Late night set

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Fan Reviews

Review by smackaframalama, posted 18 October 2012 1:26 pm EDT

first time seeing UM!!!.. also first festival! so i had a lot of learning to do in pacing myself. to much to fast and didn't quite get what was going on with the music. I listened to the show later and couldn't believe how amazing it was and that i was there! since then i have figured things out a little more and can balance myself to enjoy the music fully. Fortunately there would be many more shows and festivals in the future to redeem myself. Still an amazing time with my best friends, we all learned together. Love you marvins mtn. top! and Umphreys Mcgee!

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