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11.17.2006 The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA, USA

Set 1: Got Your Milk (Right Here), Push the Pig, Walletsworth > Nothing Too Fancy > Thin Air[1], In The Kitchen[2], The Bottom Half

Set 2: Power of Soul, Ringo, Words > Nothing Too Fancy[3], Morning Song, Mulche's Odyssey[4]

Encore: 2nd Self, Dirty Love > God Gave Rock 'n' Roll To You II[5]

[1] with Sam Holt on guitar
[2] with Brendan and Jake on acoustics
[3] with (Don't Fear) The Reaper (Blue Öyster Cult) jam
[4] with Personal Jesus (Depeche Mode) tease and Beautiful People (Marilyn Manson) quotes and tease
[5] debut, Kiss; the band left the stage one by one, leaving only Joel

Support: Outformation
Purchase via UMLive: 11.17.2006, The Tabernacle, Atlanta, GA
Reviews: 2 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by mikenpfafftown, posted 24 October 2012 1:04 pm EDT

My second show and first two-setter is still a favorite of mine. I just dug out the UMlive last week to give it a relisten. First set highlights are the Push the Pig, N2F>Thin Air with Sam Holt and the acoustic ITK.

It's the second set and encore though that put this show in the must hear category. Opening with Jimi, then good ole Ringo set the room on fire. I had one of those It experiences during Words. Tears were spilled and I was left with nothing but love for this band who could craft such a beautiful song. I was pretty much butter by the time they finished the N2F so it didn't really matter what they played thereafter. Encore is really fun. Zappa > Kiss!!! WTF indeed.

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Review by OceanBillyWaves, posted 31 January 2013 9:44 pm EST

This was also my second show, after seeing them at Bonnaroo on 6/16. I loved them the first time because I had been listening to Anchor Drops on loop in my car for about a year before I got a chance to see them. But I would have to say that this was the first show where I 'got it,' in the sense that the music moved me in a way I'd never had a band do before. Might sound trite, but it's the truth.

I also have a fond place in my heart for this show, because it was the first show I ever saw at the Tabernacle. Wow. A bunch of Tabby memories later, I can honestly say that there is no place I would rather see an Umphrey's McGee concert than that venue. The energy was off the hook that night, as it always is in Atlanta, regardless of venue.

The musical moments that stood out to me were the Walletsworth>N2F. I could see those songs at every show from here on out and be happy as hell. In the Kitchen was great as well.

In the second set, it's hard for me to think about anything other than the Hendrix Jam on Power of Soul to kick it off. Talk about fire to start off a ridiculous second set, both in terms of the band being on top of their game and a kick ass set list. And the 2nd Self, Dirty Love > God Gave Rock encore was amazing.

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