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03.23.2013 House of Blues - Sunset Strip, West Hollywood, CA, USA

Set 1: There's No Crying In Mexico > Bridgeless > Anchor Drops, Wappy Sprayberry[1] > Bridgeless, Wife Soup, Der Bluten Kat[2] > I Got Love[3] > Der Bluten Kat

Set 2: Mulche's Odyssey[4], Divisions > Plunger[5] > Hangover[6], The Triple Wide > Divisions

Encore: Andy's Last Beer, The Song Remains the Same[7]

[1] with Thriller (Michael Jackson) teases
[2] with Jake on keys
[3] debut, Nate Dogg; with Clayton Halsey on vocals and Brendan on keys
[4] with Under the Influence (Eminem) tease from Ryan
[5] Fletch Theme (Harold Faltermeyer) and Voices Inside My Head (The Police) teases
[6] with Garbage Man (Ike Turner and the Family Vibes) tease
[7] with Rain Song (Led Zeppelin) ending

Support: The Bright Light Social Hour
Purchase via UMLive: 03.23.2013, House of Blues, West Hollywood, CA
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Fan Reviews

Review by umphalex, posted 29 March 2013 5:42 pm EDT

The House of Blues on sunset strip is actually really cool on the inside and has pretty amazing sound too! This night was a serious rager and is my favorite show of 2013 thus far.

This was my 49th show and my first time to ever do the UMVIP, which was really sick... Got a signed poster included, laminates, soundcheck on Saturday, and a meet and greet with the BAND!!!

Got pic's with all the different band members and everyone was soooooo cool....

As for the second night of Hollywood nights, well their was no shortage of pure unadultered jammin going on!

My first live "there's no crying in mexico" which always gets you in the mood for some dancy fun...And a super jammy bridgeless that goes to a nice place.

Wappy sprayberry was it's usual dance party with a great MJ tease that was funky as hell with a beautiful backside to brigeless.

Wife soup doesn't get played alot anymore and was really nice to see on the west coast, since we are from Madison WI. The Der bluten kat takes the cake for the first set though...

Both Jake and Brendan taking turns on keys in DBK and also a first time ever great hip hop tune!

Mulche's got taken to a much higher level than normal and had Jake and Brendan facing in on each other battling out sick guitar riffs

Anytime you get DBK and then Divisions in a show you know it'll be a special night. Divisions has a serious Jimmy Stewart that gives goosebumps, and then followed by a plunger (which usually I dont care for too much) but the plunger contains one of the funkiest grooves I've heard to date....

Hangover gets seriously elevated to an insane jam level and then the triple wide into divisions to end!?!?! Wow, this is one of those shows....

Good encore with some California lyrics in "the song remains the same" to really let people know why UM is the best out there!

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