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05.03.2014 "UMBowl V" Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY, USA

Quarter 1: Gents[1], Skin the Cat[1], Onward & Upward[2], Mad Love[2]

Quarter 2: Rebubula, All Things Ninja, Crazy Fingers, #5, Brain Damage > Eclipse

Quarter 3: Stew Art Event

Quarter 4: The Haunt[3] > The Triple Wide > Funk Improv[4] > Wife Soup, Flamethrower > FF > "Brendan & Jake switch rigs"[5], Space Funk Booty[6] > Mulche's Odyssey[7]

Overtime: Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang[8], Much Obliged[9] -> Glory[9]

[1] debut, original
[2] debut, original; with vocals
[3] with Rock & Roll, part 2 (Gary Glitter) intro
[4] with Funky Monks (Red Hot Chilli Peppers) jam
[5] with All In Time tease
[6] with Think! (Julann Griffin) tease and Mind Left Body (Kanter/Garcia) jam
[7] ending
[8] with Jake on bass for Ryan
[9] with Bill Evans on saxophone

first quarter was Raw Stewage, comprised of attendees' votes for past "Jimmy Stewarts": Gents (03.07.2013 In the Kitchen + 09.23.2011 Ocean Billy), Skin the Cat (04.03.2007 Nemo + 09.09.2011 Bridgeless), Onward & Upward (02.06.2014 Mantis + 02.06.2013 Got Your Milk (Right Here) + 10.16.2013 Dump City + 10.17.2013 All In Time), and Mad Love (08.11.2012 Wappy Sprayberry + 02.21.2004 FF)

second quarter was comprised of attendees' votes, "All Request"

third quarter was a Stew Art Event: A song of fire and ice > Opium sunrise [with A Love Supreme (John Coltrane) teases] > James Brown revival [with Licking Stick-Licking Stick (James Brown) quotes] > Chase theme > Emergency dance party [with Safety Dance (Men Without Hats) teases and Du Hast (Rammstein) quotes] > Patriotic UM [with Simple Gifts and The Star Spangled Banner teases; with Bill Evans on saxophone] > Fire On the Bayou [with Fire On the Bayou (The Meters) quotes; with Bill Evans on saxophone] > Daft Funk [with Bill Evans on saxophone] > Barry White Love Letter [with lyrics; with Bill Evans on saxophone] > Rockabilly Throwdown [with Bill Evans on saxophone] > Baby Makin' Music [with Bill Evans on saxophone] > Frank Zappa-esque jam [with Willie the Pimp (Frank Zappa) quotes and Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin) tease; with Bill Evans on saxophone]

fourth quarter was in "choose your own adventure" style, with attendees voting for the next "adventure" live: Great American, Kabump, or The Haunt; The Triple Wide, JaJunk, Last Man Swerving; Industrial improv, Funk improv, or Electronic improv; Ocean Billy, Plunger, or Wife Soup; There’s No Crying In Mexico, Flamethrower, or Depth Charge; Bad Friday, Soul Food II, or FF; Jake on drums, Jake on keys, or Jake and BB switch rigs; Visions, Space Funk Booty, or Dear Lord; end of JaJunk, end of Bridgeless, or end of Mulche’s

the between-quarter clips had an Around the Horn theme

last Crazy Fingers 04.02.2009 (576 shows)
last Brain Damage 06.16.2006 (902 shows)
last Eclipse 06.16.2006 (902 shows)
last "Brendan & Jake switch rigs" 04.24.2010 (445 shows)
last Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang 02.03.2011 (363 shows)

Purchase via UMLive: 05.03.2014, UMBowl V at The Capitol Theatre, Port Chester, NY

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