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08.10.2017 "Major Rager Charlotte" Symphony Park at SouthPark Mall, Charlotte, NC, USA

Set 1: Push the Pig, Mad Love > Kabump > 2nd Self, Life During Exodus, Blue Echo > Ringo

Set 2: Draconian, Andy's Last Beer, Partyin' Peeps, Comma Later > I Ran, Example 1 > Drums > Example 1, Miss Tinkle's Overture

Encore: 40's Theme

Support: Moon Taxi
Purchase via UMLive: 08.10.2017, The Major Rager, Charlotte, NC
Reviews: 2 review(s)

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Fan Reviews

Review by StonedJackBalla, posted 11 August 2017 9:45 pm EDT

Great show. First set was real magic. Second set was a heater. Ringo was on point, jam started off slow and teased so hard....then they just let it rip. Highlight of the show for me for sure. . Partyin peeps was a nice surprise. And the 40s encore was pure sex.

Also on another note....city of tiny lites is part of the life during exodus mashup. So it's on there bubba

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Review by Nicky_Mescalini, posted 11 August 2017 7:01 pm EDT

OK, 1st off, this show was fantastic. One highlight for me was playing a song by one of my all time favorites - FRANK ZAPPA -yeah im an old man :). UM played a great version of City of Tiny Lites. However, when I look at the setlist here, it is not listed at all. Also, in the Song archives, it is stated that it was only played by UM one time -- 12 years ago! Now, no one believes me when I tell them that they played it (that was not at the show) - please get these facts updated on the site - Thank You!!!!

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