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    The simple fact it still remains,
    There's no reason to complain
    It's only chains surrounding you

    And if the cusp keeps growing higher
    Then there won't be much more
    I could try to settle

    And as you walk in line
    Every time you try to fall behind
    And I could only carry you so far

    And as you try to talk your way around
    The facts by now I'm sure you've found denial
    It isn't who you are

    I've heard enough from you
    And all your expectations too
    There's not enough explaining you could do

    Just turn around and walk away
    There's nothing more that you could say
    No words could ever take away this taste

    Slowly replacing what we've done
    Or where we've been or come and gone
    That's not the point right now I'm trying to make

    The simple fact it still remains
    There's no reason to complain
    ‘Cause this is your mistake

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