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The birthday boy's got to take a piss
He'll be back in about two minutes
It's okay 'cause it's his birthday
And we miss him

He mighta had a few more drinks than you
He mighta had a few more than me too
But it's okay
It's his birthday
It's alright

He might be pukin'
He might be poopin'
He might be doin' something you might doin' later
But it's okay
It's okay

Can we keep this song up
Until he comes back
I think so

He better not be puttin' anything up his

I wish it that was my turn to take a leak
But Robbie's on the drummer's seat
And it's alright
Yeah It's alright
It's his birthday

That's when he'll be back there
He's got a couple of beers
And it's okay
Robbie Williams might be up 'til five in the morning
And it's okay