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    So you're feeling like you're homeless,
    No one to blame for that aloneness.
    Though this winter is the coldest one we've worn.

    Compensate for nasty weather,
    Pray tomorrow's will be better.
    So don't feel guilty don't you let her out that door.

    If all you need is conversation,
    I think you know what my location is.
    And I won't throw my accusations on your floor.

    We're all in need of some direction,
    That you can't find through intraspection.
    It's just a simple missed connection we all face.

    The only certainty is changes,
    And how simplicity seems to rearrange this.
    We come and go as our exchanges get displayed.

    I know it's not what you expected,
    It's not too hard to feel affected here.
    But through our circles stayed connected in some way.

    I always thought that I was clever,
    But clearly now it seems however.
    So I pray for better weather here today.

    No I'm not asking for forgiveness,
    I know I wasn't there to witness.
    And really now it's not my business anyway.

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