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You got my number, you can make the call
Until then I wont bother you at all
I'd let you walk all over me again
But a smile is something I could not pretend
And every time I felt like this was wrong
You made me feel like I should tag along
Once or twice it would be nice to see you
Even if I don't believe you

Even if I don't believe the life you lead
There will always be a time where you would need
Someone, something
Someone, not me

There'll be no doubt, intentions clear
We'll hide our thoughts behind the mirror
There'll be no wrong, there'll be no right
But this could be a lonely night
With wintered steps our footprints fall
But I can't feel a thing at all

I know it's wrong to make assumptions
But without them I'm left with nothing
I've always focused on the fractions
To slowly understand what happened
I know you've got a lot of questions
But the answers always aren't the best thing
Once or twice it would be nice to see you
Even if it's bad for me to