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I didn't come for trouble
I've never been that subtle
But there's no time to wait around tonight
If you really are my friend
Then how could you defend
When even good intentions sometimes never make it right
Well I won't make excuses
If I'm the one who chooses
But it's so hard to swallow every time I know I'm wrong
I'm sorry if I'm stumblin'
I'm trying to say something
But I can't find the words I need to make a better song

I never wanted trouble
But what you think is subtle
Is a little more than I would like to try
I said I'll make amends
But you know how this one ends
The only thing consistent here is how you've always been
And maybe there's no reason
And nothing to believe in
But as it stands I'd rather waste my time and still be wrong
We struggle with these questions
And try to make connections
So maybe I should mention one more thing before you're gone