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We drive all night through rain,
We drive a van that's plain
You'll never believe who's in it

We come from miles afar
We hang in smoky bars
The ??? of smoke is in it

Big boobs and balls out crowds
Your sister's screaming loud
Movin' her pelvis to it.

We're shouting on the stage
Expelling senseless rage
The taxi'll take you to it

My hands are feeling skinned
I want to be let in
I heard some good things about it

Our buzz won't let us be
We've got to be set free
Kickin' the bass'll do it.

A beer bong set you straight
My stomach's so irate
Bee-lining for the toilet

Come back a brand new soul
Stuff in a different hole
Partyin' peeps'll do it

The beat is kickin' in,
We've got a second wind,
Stuff in the nose will do it

Although it's getting late,
There's some food on your plate,
The waitress'll bring you to it.