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    I'm still not able to understand
    I'm struggling here to deny it
    For if I knew this was all we had
    I wouldn't have said goodbye then

    It's only water, no spirit broken
    and all these things we've held on left unspoken
    Still the thought's enough to make me choke again

    I had a friend who couldn't sit still
    He would think until his hands began to spill things
    every morning he woke up
    And never thought he'd done enough the night before
    and its hard to break the habits that we make
    but don't you know that life could take it from you anyway
    If I could say it again I'd make you remember when
    All the things we shard were unimpaired by anything

    The feeling's not weathered out just yet
    There's no real way to describe it
    In thinking of all the plans unmet
    We've all been hardened to hide it


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