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Caught in the moment, it's never easy to decide
When you're noticing the fact that the answers there
And the quicker that you're thinking means the less you're aware

The minute you're chosen, it's always easy to forget
That you only live once better get it quick
Your solution is you never even stop to think

But nobody told you, or at least that's what you said
You've been careless now for way too long
And you're better off admitting when you know that you're wrong

But didn't you know this? Or were you listening out of time
You get stuck on things that you can't subtract
If it were up to me then you could take it all back

Am I imposing? I'm only trying to be sincere
I've got a little more now than I had before
If you take it all back I'd still have more

Though reluctantly, I know I should shut my mouth
You should always pay attention to the things that you say
Regardless of the meaning words will always remain

Are you convinced yet or are we just wasting air
Yea I'm way too tired to sit and reminisce
About the things that I lost that I don't miss

Back to the moment, and digging deep enough this time
You forget about your future at your past expense
You know life is only living in the present tense