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Every morning early risers
Sneak into my room and open my eyelids
And why is that still a surprise to me?
Maybe ‘cause the night before was bottoms up with the bottle
and maybe some more but it really seemed like a good idea
And they won't accept the argument that a little more sleep is time well spent
I think that's what I thought I meant to say
I'm a little banged up and I gotta admit that's my own fault
that I feel like shit but that doesn't mean I'll quit on you today
So now you got me on my feet
And I know that you're not gonna listen to me but
I was never good at being patient when I should've
And even though you make the whole complete
I can't wait till I finally put you back to sleep but
We both know how this one goes yeah I don't think no I don't suppose that there
Ain't no conversations or any renegotiations
I can't call in sick and just lay here on the floor
If I learned a thing from past mistakes
Then why did I stay out so late
When morning comes in screaming through the door