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Speechless again at a loss for words
But they wouldn't be heard anyway, would they
The minimum required is what the offer is
And that's all you give

Stranded above all the friction here
Your motives aren't clear enough to see

I will be unstable
I'm not just a passerby
I hate sudden changes

Speechless again with no time to spare
Could you pretend that you care just once for me
At least for a while put your guards away
There's no one to blame

Words can't hear this silent ear
(fear won't leave here first)
Certain sigh
Why frame time to time spent near
(nearness loses sights)
Sight signed off

Your words occur to me sometimes
align the reasons why we're here
and walk on a clear wire
Trapeze Jesus
cautious and slow

so quick to lunge,
Brain to tongue
To find I'm the only one
The only one that's fit to choose
Another side, another tool
And what makes up your silver spoon
That makes you want to live again