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Mantisphantis April 25, 2013
Let me tell you why this is the best UM show of 2013, in my opinion. I consider nipple trix my favorite intro. Ive seen it thrice, Chicago, Stl new years, and the first one at summer camp. Love the energy of it and loved the transition into Resolution. Resolution contained a solid amount of improv for a 2013 reso, thoroughly enjoyed it. Pretty much the one lull came during hourglass (it usually does). A nice full 1348 was a treat mid set, as you usually see it ending a set. Morning song was emotional and perfect. Got goosebumps. Rosanna>Conduit was great! Bayliss was feelin himself during Rosanna. A nice mulche's with a jazzy mid jam was a perfect way to end an emotional roller coaster of a set. Set 2 kinda speaks for itself. 5 songs, 6 including the second part of AIT. All in time contained a great jam that sorta sounded like Phish's first tube to me. Day Nurse in between was nice. I like day nurse because it brings a weird funky energy into the room every time. I expected them to continue the set into a new song, but out of nowhere Bayliss began to sing All in Time part 2. Another treat because every other time i've seen all in time it's ended a set. The highlight of the night, the Higgins, clocking in at 22 minutes, contained a "Talking in your sleep" jam (By the Romantics) which was weird and fun. There was also a vocal jimmy stewart about 15:00 through. Didn't recognize the lyrics. This was the best higgins i've ever heard. Slacker was solid and contained some stasik gold. Can't you hear me knockin closed out a STELLAR second set with it's usually fun energy. Everyone always appreciates the Stones covers. The encore was freaking perfect. Partyin Peeps>Haji. Ahh. Speaks for itself, i think.

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