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N2FBoston January 27, 2013
This venue is new and extremely intimate. Holds only 750 people and even that is split between the main floor and a small balcony. The created a very cool vibe that ended up exploding with energy throughout the show.

From the second Umphrey's stepped on the stage you knew it was going to be a special night. They skipped the intro, which seems to be how every show has been starting the past few tours. First set was filled with special moments but the highlights were definitely the jams during Girlfriend is Better and Dump City (Finally got this song! only took 48 shows to hear it). Syncopated, morning song, and ending the set with mulches was a nice touch too.

The 2nd set was monstrous. Straight out the gates, In the flesh through 2nd self is action packed and extremely tight. You could look around the room and just see minds being blown left and right. The jams were incredible! Another brick int he wall, sociable jimmy, and visions, bahhh it was just insane. You will just have to hear to show to understand. Not sure if i've seen them close a show with higgins, but worked out beautifully with a nice dubby jam in the middle.

Jajunk is always great as an encore. It really encompasses everything that is umphreys. On top of that the jam in this version is epic. Stasik goes wild, as does the crowd.

Shenanigans, thats all I can say about this show.

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