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Review by RobotDutchman, posted 26 October 2012 12:32 pm EDT, attached to 2012-10-25

Last night's show had an incredible amount of energy, twice that of when I last saw them at The Interlochen Center for the Arts. It had a nice heavy metal feel to last night's show which is always awesome. The Booth Love with a little Eminem jam was sweet, but the
"Young Lust" filling in the "Hangover" was an unexpected treat after they already killed "Kashmir" in the first set. It was also a nice time for "White Man's Moccasins", haven't heard that live in a couple of years since the Orbit Room in '09. Also, I love the way they are starting to mess around with "Mantis" a little more this time adding the Rage jam in there. I second that request for a second night next year here in the Zoo and if not that then at least a Grand Rapids show and a K-Zoo show on back to back nights. Umphrey's, WE LOVE YOU!

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