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Scopeless October 22, 2012
Many people said UM was "killing it" in 2011. This show is the finest example of UM's ability to commit musical homicide on our brains and melted faces.

Arguably the best non-festival/special show of 2011, it contains two of the most highly rated jams of the year, The Haunt (OG version) and Ringo (Jimmy Stewart with Lyrics). The peak in that Haunt jam had the entire ballroom going nuts. It was as if we all knew we were witnessing a top-notch jam.

For UM newbies, this is the show for you. It contains a little of everything the band has to offer as far as what modern-UM sounds like. An intro song (best one IMO), several jammed-out versions of songs, a Jimmy Stewart (w/ lyrics...much more rare), a couple covers, and even a mash-up in the encore.

This show is a must own and will stand the test of time.

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