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Twisthem488 April 20, 2017
Standing in front of me is a girl in a tank top and an Umphrey's McGee hat. She keeps flirting with her boyfriend and and egging on her two sisters with a very attractive level of spunk that perfectly represents the ballrooms atmosphere. Every breath I inhale smells of weed and every visage of the crowd full is smiles. As I watch I see rock bulls made of hands shoot bolts of energy straight into the band. They are 15 feet away. Close enough to catch their eye and close for them to catch mine. Another moment of eyes locked and I'm not just an observer; my level of the enjoyment feeds right back into the music and powers the ballroom. Everyone here is a a part of a larger organism that seeps into the soul. Lights blaze and colorful angel-rays pour through the mist. Who knew heaven was full of rainbows. The music gets louder and the bassist looks as if he's been reborn. I feel his music in my chest and wonder what it would be like to have two hearts beating, pounding at my ribs, and telling me it's time to move, but I think I already know.

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