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cMags November 4, 2012
This would be 2nd of many shows at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. I've seen moe here a bunch of times too, and although a lot of people hate it, I just have a thing for this place. I always chill on the beach all afternoon and then hang out at the parking lot next to the police station and party with all of the other concert goers.

I, like an idiot, was wearing birkenstock sandels to this show and nailed my big toe against the curb walking in. I was convinced I broke my toe and was pissed off, but it turned out it was just severely bruised.

The Utopian through the rest of the set it some of the best UM I have ever heard. The Liquid jam is one of my most listened to segments ever and if you haven't heard it, you need to now.

This was also the first times I actually kept a notebook setlist for a show, and was pretty fun doing it at the time.

The second set is nothing to really write home about, except for the WWS, and my first AIT. But the first set is one of the best first set's you will here.

Definitely check out the Liquid because you will love it forever.

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