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cMags February 27, 2013
Coming off an incredible show from the night before, everyone in our hotel room slept in pretty late. We all walked around Burlington during the late morning/early afternoon, then made our way back to the hotel for the pre-game.

The show started off with an extended Plunger jam into MITA, which I had heard at the Hampton show 2 months earlier. 2x2 was standard, then during the Utopian jam, Brendan and Jake switched to their acoustic guitars. This was my first experience with acoustic UM and it was definitely a fitting time to do it as well. Nothing else worth notating, but the last 3 songs of the first set were really fun and different than the UM that I was used to.

Pay the Snucka 2nd set opener was nice, but No More Tears was definitely out of nowhere and I still listen to that version to this day. In the silent breakdown part, they sing a verse of Total Eclipse of the Heart in homage to Old School which was released about 3 years prior. The big jam of the set was The Triple Wide. During the jam, they busted into a lyrical stew and I remember Grover standing next to me screaming out something like "Skyline Stew, Skyline Stew!" I just laughed as he was like a kid in a candy store. I guess this was the jam that turned into Spires? IIRC. Anyways the rest of the set (Words, ITK) were standard. However, Rosanna was a really cool cover choice to finish it off, and after the finishing chorus they went into a jam. No other than Mrs Robinson's Strut. This is one of my favorite repeated stews and it was great to get it after my real first big run with Umph.

Overall it was a great weekend and I will never forget it.

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