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dubzz February 1, 2013
Easily the most intimate setting I've seen UM to date. The venue was small, packed, and had excellent energy. Unfortunately, I feel this night was a recovery and intermission between Beacon and Brooklyn Bowl for the band. The set wasn't nearly as fast paced or rocking as I'd have liked. However, this isn't to dissuade you from checking it, easily some of the BEST banter of the year no doubt.

Not a Domino Theory fan or Strangers, but both were typical good stuff. BB opened the Girlfriend's Better as a tribute to Manti T'eo and substituted the lyrics for "I have a girlfriend who doesn't exist." Absolutely hilarious and had the crowd really digging it. This made the night. Loved the Dump City then a nice jazz/rock Mulche's to close her out.

The Floyd cover really killed it and the Jimmy had some great improv. Although Visions of Parin isn't one of my favorites, I really thought they were about to cover Hall & Oates, really cool key teases by Joella.

Unfortunately, big mishap during an otherwise great Higgins: Stasik's bass amp was thrown into stand by because of power issues. They managed to recover. JaJunk made for a great encore: real happy to see they played it for us instead of saving it for Brooklyn!

Highlight: Girlfriend is Better (tribute to Manti T'eo)

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