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knowerofmanythings October 23, 2012
After I heard the news of my then favorite band was going to play one last festival(August 14 & 15 2004) and then break up or go hiatus or whatever disturbing term they wanted to use. I was heart broken. I needed live music therapy.

In July 2004 I was working in retail music store and in the cd reel this band's album 'Round Room.' I am pretty sure the song "Waves" was playing when a cute little blonde girl charged up to the counter and said "who choose to play this..." It was obvious it was me...I was wearing a '99 tour shirt.

I said it was me...and how may I help you. I was direct and charming. She demanded that I was to go to the Odeon that Friday to check out this Midwestern Irish band called Umphreys Mcgee, and that I won't regret it.

As a young knower I had high expectations. I went to the show... and loved it.

My highlights were probably the whole show.

Ocean Billy- Duel face Melting Finger tapping

Tribute- Jaco going nuts the entire time.

Dump City>DBK- I didn't know what going on...and my face was started to melt off in certain areas.

Second set I was even more blown away...though I was pretty clueless.

Plunger- Loved all the different sections.

Triplewide>Mail Package -visions of Zappa were floating in my head.

I remember loving "In the Kitchen," and was confused on "Last Man Swerving" but went along with it and head bobbed throughout the song.

Miss Gradenko- I was fascinated by it.

The Encore: MO>M(O) spoke for itself.

I ended up working the next day ordering The Police's 'Synchronicity.' A few days later I bought the show off,and saw in the paper that they were coming back in November ordered the ticket & Anchor Drops.

The More You Know.

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