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mikenpfafftown October 24, 2012
My second show and first two-setter is still a favorite of mine. I just dug out the UMlive last week to give it a relisten. First set highlights are the Push the Pig, N2F>Thin Air with Sam Holt and the acoustic ITK.

It's the second set and encore though that put this show in the must hear category. Opening with Jimi, then good ole Ringo set the room on fire. I had one of those It experiences during Words. Tears were spilled and I was left with nothing but love for this band who could craft such a beautiful song. I was pretty much butter by the time they finished the N2F so it didn't really matter what they played thereafter. Encore is really fun. Zappa > Kiss!!! WTF indeed.

mikenpfafftown October 24, 2012
After a rather pedestrian set at Koka Booth Amphitheathre opening for STS9 earlier in the day, I kind of expected to get our asses handed to us at the late night Lincoln show. After waiting and waiting and waiting, the show finally began I believe a little after midnight. This set was a complete about face from the daytime set. The band seemed about as amped as I'd ever seen them. Could've been the tiny stage they were playing on or the rowdiness of the crowd, but I don't think I've ever seen them this loose before. Check out the skullfuckery in the first Voices Inside My Head/Snake Juice jam. I also think this is the best encore I've ever seen by any band.
Great night of Umphrey's McGee.

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