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Review by mista_huva, posted 28 March 2016 2:06 pm EDT, attached to 2016-03-24

Playing in a casion's hotel is always going to be a bit of a trip, but despite what was going on outside, inside the South Shore Room was a RAWK SHOW!

The cemetery walk sandwhich was a personal favorite of mine, and the Reso and first set Utopian are HoF worthy

Review by mista_huva, posted 28 March 2016 1:59 pm EDT, attached to 2016-03-25

The fifth Fox appearance in 5 years, the band has loved coming back to the Bay Area and throwing down.

The OG Cable sandwich in Ocean Billy hit the spot and the Banana Bron-Yr-Aur was classic!

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Review by mista_huva, posted 28 March 2016 1:56 pm EDT, attached to 2016-03-26

This was the 2016 Winter tour closer and 3rd night in a row of UM's California run this year.

Bayliss took over on plenty of solid jams and the Arthur Barrow sit-in was incredible - Treacherous Cretins wasn't written on the set list.

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