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mittens October 20, 2012
Mirro's last night of tour brought the goods. I'm not sure if this show is on people's radar but it is straight fire.

My favorite Example One of all time. This has to be one of the best encores of all time in a note perfect Fifth of Beethoven and then Last Call.

mittens October 18, 2012
Another all time UM show and a Mirro classic. I couldn't make it to this show but I was there the next night and even on tape this performance blew the next night away. Listen to how Mirro takes such an ego-less approach to drumming and just lets Jake and Brendan sit on his beats.

mittens October 18, 2012
This show is phenomenal. It's as good as anything they have ever played. There was a special vibe during the Mirro era and I think a lot of people like myself left the VIC that night wondering if we could talk Mirro out of leaving.

mittens October 18, 2012
My First show...... I had seen some Umphrey's tapes on some tape trees and decided to check them out while I was living in St. Louis. Anyone who's been to Cicero's knows how small the venue is, 250 max. There were probably less than 50 people there. I remember seeing the band hanging out among the crowd and hoped they were making ends meet so they could keep playing live because they put on one of the most inspired performances I've ever seen from a band. Looking back, it's a fantasy setlist. If Nachos for Two isn't enough to prove it, how about My favorite Things. Sick show from an unbelievable Oct. 2001 tour.

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